The Man Behind the Facade

Undiscovered? Absolutely. Am I actually a prophet though? I guess only time can tell you that, but who do I really think I am? Can I actually start a blog and be heard in today’s world that is cluttered with so many people trying to do the same thing? What does it take to break out from all the noise and develop my own platform? I am simply a nobody. Nobody knows who I am, and why should they? I haven’t accomplished anything notable in my life. Who am I to think that I can give you my opinion and have you actually listen?

I go by the alias Undiscovered Proph3t for this very reason. While in reality, I am just that guy waiting in line with you at Starbucks to get a coffee that won’t shut up, and insists on telling you everything wrong in the world and what I would do to fix it. You’re too polite to tell me to shut up, or that you couldn’t possibly care less about anything I have just told you in the entire 10 minute monologue that you have just endured, so what can you do but just absorb it all, counting down the seconds until you can get your coffee and move on with your very average life. That very relatable and unwieldy situation that I have just described in enough detail to give everyone reading an internal anxiety attack is why I use the alias. Who cares what Judd Wilson from down the road has to say about the new game that just dropped for the PS4? I’d rather go see what the much more sensible Undiscovered Proph3t posted on his very professional, yet almost unoriginal website. I mean how many people actually have their own website? You were thinking about seeing what Judd Wilson from down the street has to say and the guy still has a flip phone. That just goes to show that you need me in your life. I provide you with that missing piece of argument winning satire to put you over the top and end discussions with your friends.

I hope to mainly keep this blog strictly down to gaming, tech, and entertainment, however time to time I may feel the need to touch on what goes on around the world being that we are currently living through the end of times. The format for most of my blogs will be similar to my podcasts if anyone has had the discourtesy of sitting through any of those. I like the gimmick of playing off my name, and I hope it adds a bit of flare for the average person that may be reading. For those that are unfamiliar I will be posting my first real blog soon to show you what I am talking about. It should be up shortly after the launch of my site, hoping that everything goes smoothly. I hope that anyone reading finds what I have to say on any given topic to be an entertaining and unique point of view, and if you happen to disagree find me on social media and call me out. I like to think that I am open minded about anything I may write about and would like to create open discussions with my readers, but if you come at me with fanboyish attitudes and responses you will stricken down in a righteous fashion. Form your own opinions that’s all I ask of anyone.

Lastly, before I wrap up here I would like to thank Sam D Designs for the great logo and banner you’ll see on my website. Kid’s got something. Check him out on Instagram if you are in the need of any graphic designs @samd_designs. This is an unpaid shout out by the way. I recognize talent and when it deserves to be acknowledged, and this is one of those cases.

If you find yourself reading any of my posts, I hope you leave remembering who I am and what makes me different, but if you can leave with nothing else remember this…

Yes, I will indeed be that type of cliche.

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