Nintendo’s Switch OLED is a Slap in the Face

What’s New With the Switch OLED

If there was ever company that has apparently set out to prove me right in every imaginable way it’s Nintendo. In case you aren’t aware of my opinion towards Nintendo feel free to go check out my already set in stone Prophecy #1 and catch up. It’s worth the read.

For awhile now fans of the Switch have been begging for a “Switch Pro” model that would be more powerful, and maybe expand the current capabilities of the system. Instead of that they’re left with what is ultimately just a 3rd option for first time buyers to consider when looking at getting a Nintendo Switch console. When you get down to the specs of the OLED versus the standard Switch the two are barely distinguishable from one another.

For example, let’s just start with the screen itself. It is the main selling point of the OLED model after all, and it has hardly changed anything. Right away it is a 7 inch screen rather than 6.2 on the standard version, big difference there. “Does it offer a better resolution at least?”, you may ask. No. It is still putting out a whopping 720p on the new and improved OLED display. Not a big deal I guess, 720p is solid for a screen that size. Well what about the OLED aspects of the screen that has to make games look better right? Oh yes the contrasts of colors will be much improved thanks to this upgrade, and as we all know that was one of the biggest drawbacks while playing ARK: Survival Evolved on my Switch. Ignore the fact the Switch didn’t have the hardware to make it close to capable of running that game effectively even on minimal settings.

“Nothing to see here, steer your eyes away from the Nintendo exec behind the curtains pulling the strings…”

If you’ve never tried to play ARK on the Switch I’ll save you the visceral eye damage, that to this day I have still not recovered from, and describe the experience to you. The Switch wasn’t even able to consistently render trees in the game well while playing, but I’ll be damned if that tree doesn’t stand out great against the skyline now on the Switch OLED. Let’s just not mention that the tree appears to have been ripped out of a landscape from the original Doom game that was released in 1993, because the Switch is melting trying to render it properly. Nothing to see here, steer your eyes away from the Nintendo exec behind the curtains pulling the strings, rather stay focused on the adorable plush Mario puppet that is hanging from said strings walking the streets with his hand out, casually asking for your life savings. If that’s not the Nintendo business model in a nutshell I’m not sure what is.

Switch OLED Announcement Proves Nintendo is Out of Touch

Nintendo has proven time and time again that they’re so hopelessly out of touch with the gaming community that there’s simply no way back for them. I say “gaming community” because Nintendo has their niche, fanboy community wrapped around their finger like they’re Frank Sinatra. If you don’t get that reference shame on you first of all, secondly “I’ve Got the World on a String”, go look it up you uncultured derelict of a human being. Not to be critical. Believe it or not there was a point developing here somewhere, but we’ll just leave it as “Nintendo, hopelessly out of touch”.

This is why Nintendo has no fear for the Steam Deck whatsoever. The idea that what they’re doing isn’t what the community is looking for hasn’t even popped into their heads. They’re blissful idiots when it comes to things like that. Nintendo is still under the belief that the Switch OLED will sell well. I’d be shocked if after looking at the differences between the models that any competent individual would choose to “upgrade”, and willingly spend $50 more than what they had already paid for the standard Switch on an OLED model.

“They’re still under the belief that the Switch OLED will sell well.”

The standard Switch is already proven to be overpriced in my opinion after the release of the Switch Lite starting at just $200. Nintendo wants me to believe that the cheap, hollow, plastic dock that has just 3 plugs in it, none of which are even a LAN cable hookup is worth $100 more? The Switch could’ve easily cost a mere $250 when it was initially released. This would’ve probably helped lead to even more impressive sales numbers than they already had. I mean, the Switch outsold the Xbox One last generation which is already an unbelievable feat in and of itself, just imagine what Nintendo could’ve done without price gouging.

The bottom line is fans were calling for a Switch Pro with upgraded hardware, and Nintendo gives them a brighter screen and finally the option to hard wire into the internet. What a slap in the face by Nintendo if I’ve ever seen one.

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