As E3 Crumbles, Geoff Keighley Continues to Build Something Special with The Game Awards

Yes it’s that time again. It’s time to start stocking up on toys for your children so you can keep them at bay and out of your hair for another year, counting down the days until you can kick them out of the house and finish living out the rest of your days happy and alone. If you fall short you know it will surely end with what feels like an eternity of tea parties with Barbie and thousands of extra dollars spent on ice cream to shut those kids up. Most importantly, this all means it’s almost time for another industry shaking Game Awards presentation thanks to our lord and savior Geoff Keighley. He after all is the reason we can all share in the excitement and build hype for the future.

For the few uninitiated left out there sad and alone, The Game Awards are truly something special. They have helped to revive what we have lost as E3 has grown increasingly more bland and uninspired as the years have gone on. E3 used to be that extraordinary place we would all gather at to see what the coming years had in store for us. What games were coming out, whether or not we would catch a glimpse at a new console, and of course the awards. I have said this before, but the special thing about The Game Awards is that the actual awards feel secondary to the showcases and world premieres. We aren’t tuning in to see the pageantry of patting the developers on the back for doing a good job, although that is nice to see. We are all here to see how bright the future of gaming looks, and it is bright thanks to Geoff. Just look at the numbers, clearly he’s doing something right.

Obviously viewership won’t double every year forever, but the growth shown in just the last few years is significant, and there’s good reason for it. The Game Awards have given us our first looks at so many great things. Back in 2014 we were graced with the world premiere of Breath of the Wild, in 2019 we were given our first look at the Xbox Series X, and last year, one of my favorites, we were teased a new Mass Effect game that appears to pick up sometime after Mass Effect 3 left off. These are just a handful of the great moments we’ve shared at The Game Awards. This is what E3 was always supposed to represent for the industry, and for some time did, but for many reasons E3 has continued to fall from grace. If you’re interested to hear why check out E3 and the Industry’s Inadequate Effort to Aim High

Thankfully, where E3 has let us down The Game Awards has picked us back up year after year with great reveals and teasers that really help drive the hype forward. There’s already an incredible amount of showcases slated for the 2021 Game Awards, and personally, I can’t wait. Geoff Keighley has helped to steer us in the right direction, and he knows what drives us. We purely run on hype, and hype alone. Without it the community grows impatient, good games become stale, and then the hate is unleashed on anything and everything, warranted or not. He has found a way to tame the masses with The Game Awards, and drive us forward with a hype fueled whip. Geoff gets us, and for that we thank you. Thank you for holding us together year after year. We’re looking forward to another great showcase. The Game Awards 2021 can be watched live Thursday December 9, starting at 8pm Eastern Time.

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